Cathy Niezen builds communities of 100,000’s for leaders and businesses that are ready to create global impact. In the first 16 months Cathy reached 1 million followers by building her own impactful online community on Facebook - Preguntas con Proposito.

Cathy Niezen the founder of Community Build Consultancy and Room for Leadership and is passionate about personal truth and social responsibility. It means that she stands beside visionaries and leaders of social projects that impact individuals and the world.

"We help change-makers and organizations with causes close to their hearts to take action by creating awareness in others about the issues that will impact generations to come."

Community Build Consultancy offers solutions to create, build, sustain and financially leverage communities. We strategically help leaders and businesses target products and services through socially responsible practices.

Since the age of 12 years Cathy has been building communities. High School and College community building lead to non-profits, churches, parenthood support, healthy marriage foundations and Hispanic lobbyists. Community development is her passion. It’s her purpose.

Cathy’s skills of building physical communities has transferred into the virtual world. From local communities to global communities. Her biggest love for the virtual world is the reach. Through social media, instead of thousands, now she reaches millions.

Community development for the purpose of education and service is Cathy’s utmost priority.

She believes each of us has a call into existence, and with the right education we can fulfill our personal purpose. Be the change you want to see, emulate the leaders you admire. That’s why advocating for causes and movements is Cathy’s calling.

Community Build Consultancy and Room for Leadership (a non-profit) advocates for world transformation. Cultural differences, religious beliefs, gender issues, and ethnicity variances - they all matter. We all unite under the roof of basic truths, like: having fundamental needs covered, receiving basic education and health programs, living a life in peace, diminishing all forms of violence, creating brotherhood and sisterhood connections.

If you are ready to take action towards spreading your message, we will help you strategize, monetize, recruit followers, believers, activists, and sponsors to contribute and collaborate to achieve your global mission. Together we can build inspiring communities that change the world. Let’s create an impact for greater good.