You know you have a big message to share. It's time to build your own community - your community of advocates, followers and messengers.

From starting solid places of gathering, parent led schools, your own neighborhood with people alike, awareness for causes, social projects and even global movements. We have experience in all and love big projects.

Let us show you how. We will help you build your physical community of 100's and 1,000's and your online comunity of 100,000's and 1000,000's.


Preguntas con Proposito means 'Meaningful Questions' in Spanish.

We built this Facebook Community to 2 Million in 27 months.

Preguntas con PropĆ³sito gives hope, inspiration, guidance and connection to this highly engaged community.

It has also become a platform where master collaborators and experts in their fields get to share their wisdom. They earn visibility by sharing and gifting and our community their knowledge by participating and acquiring courses and access to everything else they have to offer.

Quality leadership is the backbone to thriving communities. We are passionate about helping grassroot communities grow sustainable environments by training their own leaders to become mentors and pass the baton.

Your cause is our mission. Let us help you build your passion into the impact you always wanted.


We believe in sustainability.

We help causes provide lasting change.

We believe in Community.

We build communities for change makers and thought leaders.


We believe that your purpose is your path.

We inspire you to follow it - always.